Tokyo Central City Ministry

Established in April 2018, ‘Tokyo Central City Ministry’ is an official ministry of the Evangelical Free Church of Japan (EFC), with the aim of ‘leading people of all nations to Christ, raising them as disciples of Christ, and dispatching them to the world according to the Lord’s calling’ in the heart of central Tokyo.

In December of the following year, ‘Tokyo Center Church’ was created through this ministry.

As of April 2021, ‘Tokyo Center Church’ is being supported by the following 24 Evangelical Free Church members :

Ueda EFC、Uji EFC、Urawa EFC、Oharu EFC、Katayanagi EFC、Kawagoe EFC、Koshigaya EFC、Shin-Matsudo EFC、Sendai EFC、Toda EFC、Tachikawa EFC、Nagareyama EFC、Nagoya West EFC、Naha EFC、Nara EFC、Hatogaya EFC、Higashi-Murayama EFC、Hiroshima EFC、Fukaya EFC、Fujisawa EFC、Hosono EFC, Nagoya EFC、Musashino EFC、Kawaguchichuo EFC

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